VR 3D Model

VR 3D model can be included in web pages real-time 3D and you could give interactivity i.e. customizables ecommerce products, prototypes, video games and much more.

It has become popular as one of the most important for creating animations in WebGL

High-level libraries such as Three.js or GlgE, SceneJS, PhiloGL or others, allow the author to create complex 3D animations, ready to be displayed in the browser. Without the effort that would be required, in the case of an independent or traditional application, with the use of plugins.

Three.js is a library wrote in JavaScript for to show 3D digital graphics and animations in the web browser and can be used in conjunction with HTML5SVG o WebGL canvas element. The source code is hosted in a repository on GitHub.


The 3D model should be a low-poly mesh for ensure a good experience in mobile devices. the low-poly modeling is not too much different than the high-poly models, only is needed to use some techniques what avoid to modeling details and replace it with visual shadow effects working on the surface normals of the vertex and faces of the mesh

360 degree 3d image offer you an innovative opportunity to add inmersive 3D experiences to your website, which your customer can rotate 360 degrees in a desired direction with a simple mouse click or by turning his phone one way or the other.

Rotatable images also give the customer an in-depth presentation of the product or the room. In addition, 360 degree rotatable images can be viewed very easily on any smart device and browser.