Mech Armor Concept Art for videogame

Concept art of mech armor for the desktop game


Perspective back view

Perspective back view design is very important in the desktop video games because sometimes the player prefer to play in third person view than a first person, then the character will be seen all the time from back view.

Heavy combat mech armor by los_bionicos

Three view concept art

If you are reading this, you will have noticed that I am a teacher of rigging and animation for video games as well as a concept artist.

Never spare any information that may be useful to understand conceptual art.

This is not really a very exquisite concept art, but something done very quickly so that my modelers work fluidly and with sufficient references

Low-poly heavy armor mek side view
Heavy armor open detail
Mexh armor concept art for viedeogames

Final delivery

Modeling: Maya
Texture: Substance Painter
Rigging: Unreal Engine 4