Animated music video for Metal band

62 Milliardäre – Oficial animated music video – 2D animation for Tom Unterweger und Die Tanzenden Leichen Austrian Metal Band

animated music video

When you are freelancer you have the advantage that you can choose which project or client to work with or which not, you are free…
… In this case, the project has been very fun because it is a very crazy and gore animation project and it is a type of production that I like and in which I have a lot of experience.

animated music video

Pls try to get good promotional material

The band has trusted on my experience and has allowed me to work with freedom and together have achieved a successful project.

Animated music video by Los Bionicos

Making of

A production result in a animated music video kinda underground comic style so we decided it, I´d like to start with the pencil and redrawn it in Illustrator, the animation was done in After Effects with some plugins help and as alwais the final cut in Adobe Premier Pro, I hope you like it.

animated music video
Animated music video by Los Bionicos

Thanks to:

(something like… Tom Unterweger and the Dancing Dead)

And the invaluable help of
Alejandra Egaña on Illustrator and After Effects