3D characters

3D characters environments and props

video games and films 3D characters from concept art to the modeling, mapping and rigging both lowpoly and hightpoly. What you imagine, I can do it

Demo-reel José Carlos Saldaña from Los Bionicos by Jose Carlos Saldaña Lopez.

3D characters for inreractive touch screen Android app

This character was created by myself in several short animated shots linked in the start and the end each others for Medialabs, they developed the app for the client´s store touch screen in Android. The interacivity with the user has been awesome and succesfuly for final client


Virtual rality and Augmented Reality in WedGl

Low poly models in real time render engine for Video Games, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
This is a low poly example with 2000 polys with diffuse, specular and normal maps but is posible to create environments, particle animations and much more.
Drag the mouse for rotate the object or scroll the mouse wheel for resize it.

3D Alien Toad spaceship

3D modular envirobment spaceship whit 3D character. Software: Maya 2016,render engine VRay V3

Alien_toad_spaceship3D spaceship Alien Toad
Corner_module Junction_module Straight_module

3D characters

3D characters
 3D characters

From concept art to the finished 3D characters

3D Max


3D charactersLow poly 3D characters
3D characters tourn around

3D character concept art for video game

3D characters
3D characters Tourn around
3D characters Tourn around 2
3D characters

;Fight Clvb 3D charactersFight Clvb 3D characters ZBrush

3D characters
Concept art 3D characters
3D characters
Pepecohete tourn around 3D characters

Animation test setup.3D Max´s Character Studio – Prueba de setup de animación. Character Studio de 3D Studio