3D prototype

3D prototype of exo-skeleton
applied to virtual reality
for R&D project at
Instituto Cajal CSIC in Madrid


More ergonomic 3D design from R&D functional prototype at I+D Instituto Cajal CSIC in Madrid.
3D charactyer exo-xkeleton prototype exo-esqueleto

Arm detail

Independent system for the arms articulating the shoulder and flexion system of the elbow and wrists
Exo-esqueleto 3D character prototype by los bionicos

Leg detail

The mainly use of this prototype is for cerebral palsy patients but it has other applications such as virtual reality
3D prototype sketch los Bionicos

Rough sketchs

Draws over the 3D character pose from original exo-skeleton design before to model the 3D prototipe
3D character exo-skeleton prototype sketch