Concept art, 2D / 3D animation sometimes as Lead Designer, others managing work teams and workflows..

I have worked from concept to final production in almost all kinds of industries such as R&D, engineering, healthcare, entertainment, etc.

Both traditional handmade art and 3D digital solutions, mocap and lipsync, environments, VFX, VR, AR and video games.

360 degrees design; Online and offline pipelines without losing the graphic line.

Everything you can imagine can be done!




Graphic Design Specialist Titulation at ESCUELA de ARTES APLICADAS y OFICIOS ARTÍSTICOS de MADRID

  • Rigger and 3D characters animator at INBENTA
  • Rigger and 3D characters animator at EVERIS
  • Infographic Department Director at TCC 
  • Art director at DESNIVEL EDITORIAL
  • Design department Director at PUNTA FINA 
    (1993 -1994)
  • Motion graphics at SINCRONIA
  • Graphic designer at A.C. GRAPHIC

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